Why Fear Is Just Excitement By Another Name

Blog - Why Fear Is Just Excitement By Another Name

Why Fear Is Just Excitement By Another Name

This is a photo of my 4 year old daughter skipping with joy towards her first ballet performance, in front of at least 100 parents. She was excited to be doing her ballet in front of her family and she had *ZERO* fear.

She was a perfect example of how fear and excitement are so closely linked – she had no idea she could possibly have anything to fear, so she knew only excitement.

It turns out that the chemical release in our bodies is the same. So what changes fear and anxiety into excitement and anticipation? The chemicals themselves only have meaning when we notice the sensation and then give it a name.

How much better would it be to be excited about what could go *right* in our life, rather than fearful of what could go wrong?

In many ways, we can learn so much from our children. They live in the now, with no fear of the future or of the unknown. They don’t live in their head – lost in the past or worrying about the future – they live in the present moment and experience life as it presents itself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

There’s a place for feeling fearful (running away from danger for example) but so often we feel fear about something that may never happen. Research at Harvard University revealed that:

As adults we spend 47% of our waking days not present, lost in our head.

Nearly half of our lives we are thinking either about the past (which no longer exists), or what might happen in the future or what might never happen at all. Research shows these mind wanderings do nothing but make us unhappy!

Whether it’s through meditation or practiced focus, training your mind to resist the tempation to wander and be present in the now is good for your overall happiness – and of course productivity.

For today, I’m going to channel my 4 year old.

I'm going to choose courage over comfort & excitement over fear.

For today, I’m going to channel my 4 year old.