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AMotherBrand is a members-only social network and support system for the growing number of mothers who want to create a life that actually works for them. It’s a female empowerment brand to empower women who want to start up and grow successful and meaningful businesses that work around their families.

AMotherBrand is a community for mothers who know the mother they want to be and who also want to create work they love, that works for them.

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Connect with like-minded mamas.

Join a supportive community where you can be your whole self, with other mamas who just get it.

Be part of a digital and IRL network where members support each other to grow and thrive, professionally and personally.



Looking for a co-founder/business partner or collaborator(s)?

Explore the members directory and discover new connections through location, interests and skills.

Build ideas, brand collaborations and new businesses together.


Get Support

We’re building a support system specifically to help mothers who are entrepreneurs set up successful businesses that work for them.

When you join AMotherBrand you get a clear understanding of where you are on your business journey, where you want to go and what you need to do next.

Whether it’s Masterclasses, mini-classes, interviews or members supporting members in the forum, we aim to be the go-to space for reliable, targeted support.

AMotherBrand Blog

What other Founders say

"I’ve set up two businesses and my number one tip?
Find a Co-founder. It makes such a difference."

Saasha Celestial-One, Co-founder OLIO.

"I always say the network is one of the most important things, if not THE most important."

Laura Williams, Founder of The Modern Nursery

"The premise of AMotherBrand is excellent. Being a solo founder is really hard. MUSH would never exist if I hadn’t found Katie."

Sarah Hesz, Co-founder, MUSH

"I couldn’t do without my Co-founder. It’s having someone to take the giant leap of starting up with, to bounce ideas off, make important decisions with, to cry and celebrate with!"

Natasha Hodson, Co-founder, Mimi & Lula