How To Work Out Your Ideal Life / Work Balance

Life/work balance: time with family in nature


✨Your Ideal Life/Work Balance✨

Do you know what your ideal Life/Work balance is? Do you know how to get clear on your priorities? Have you ever used The Wheel of Life tool?

As we hurtle towards the end of the year (decade) it’s the perfect time to assess what’s important for us and if we’re living in alignment with that, or whether we might need to tweak our priorities in the next decade to make that happen.

✨Assessing your priorities: The Wheel Of Life✨

Are you familiar with The Wheel of Life? It’s a really straightforward, quick and insightful tool to get clear on what’s going on in your life. It shows you where you’re doing well, as well as highlighting areas where you might like to improve. In this way, the Wheel of Life can help you discover the right life/work balance for you and your priorities.

How to use The Wheel of Life

The Wheel is divided into numerous different sections, all of which represent different areas of your life – family, friends, health etc. You can tweak the categories (increase or decrease the sections) so that they are relevant to you. Many life wheels will just have 8 categories, some have more categories, (like the one featured) which include Personal Growth and Self-Image (as in body image and self-confidence).

Giving each area of your life a mark out of 10

* You give each area a mark out of ten by placing a dot on the 0-10 scale, to represent how well you feel you’re doing in that area. You then join the dots up around the circle and have a look at what this picture tells you about the balance in your life at present.

Committing to paper what you’d actually like your life/work balance to be

* You then do the same thing again, but putting the marks where you’d *like* them to be. Having the desired shape next to the current shape highlights where you need improvement.


Whenever I do my life-wheel I always determine to spend more time seeing my friends, more time investing in my relationship and more time getting fit.

We’ve only got one life.

Yet it’s so easy to live with our head down, blinkered to the fact that it’s whizzing by and we’re not living it fully, in all the areas that are essential to living our best lives.

Have a quick go.

Which areas of your life will you be focusing on improving next year?

Let me know in the comments 👇💕