Hit the ground running in 2020: 8 key steps to success

By Lynda Phoenix

Lynda Phoenix blog How To Hit The Ground Running

Digital Marketing Consultant, Lynda Phoenix shares with us her top tips for hitting the ground running in 2020.

How ready is your business for 2020? In this blog, Digital Marketing Consultant, Lynda Phoenix, tells us how to hit the ground running in 2020, with 8 key steps to success.

Lynda often sees business owners avoid tech and digital, not because they lack ability but because they have a block about them. Lynda’s on a mission to empower female founders to overcome tech, marketing and social media challenges, so they can keep moving forward and scaling their business.

Here are the 8 most common things you can do in the end of 2019 that will impact the progression of your business into next year and beyond.

1. Innovative thinking

Don’t let your business pale into insignificance in 2020! Increase your chance of success by making time to get out of your workspace. Go to seminars, industry events, listen to podcasts, get inspired – not tired.

2. Get Focused on Your Social Media

To make the biggest impact in 2020, build your audience but focus on one channel first. Build your following and create great content that works for that platform. It’s always better to concentrate on one channel rather than spreading yourself too thin across multiple channels. Be consistent with your content.

3. The Power of Email Marketing

Hit the ground running by nailing your email marketing before 2020. Have you ever sent an email to a potential customer? If not, you are missing out on a powerful direct line of communication. Sign up to a free platform like MailChimp, fill out a simple template and give it a go – it’s not as difficult as you think!

4. Get Visible

To be successful in 2020, you need to get visible. People want to see the face behind the brand, rather than deal with a faceless business. This helps build up trust, humanises your business, and will give you a stronger identity – plus you will get a more engaged audience. Be brave, and let see your smile on social media and your website.

5. Plan Your Marketing

No plan for marketing in 2020 equals no growth in 2020. Stop winging it day-to-day with your marketing efforts. The only way your business will grow in 2020 and beyond is to have a marketing strategy and a plan to execute your strategy for the entire year!

6. Be sociable on social

Socialise your way to success! It’s not enough to just post content out and expect people to engage with you. You need to take an interest in your audience, engage and comment on other peoples content.

Without doing this your channels will grow slowly!

7. Advertising

To successfully reach further and connect with more potential customers you will need to tap into advertising on social media and Google Adwords. If the thought of programming your own adverts blows your mind, then either get some training or hire in an expert.

8. Strong Brand

Make sure you’re totally ready for the new year by investing in a strong brand for 2020. Invest in a designer to help you with a decent logo, brand colours and font. If you stick to your brand guidelines throughout all your design work, you will stand out and look professional.  If you use Canva, take a course and really learn how to use it.


With many thanks to Lynda for her super useful tips for success in the new year.

If you need to do work on your business to get ready for the new year, there’s still time to get sorted to accelerate your business’ growth.

If you’d like to find out more about what Lynda does and how she might be able to help you, she can be found at @learnhappyworkshops on facebook and @learn_happy on Instagram.