About Us

Our Story

Hi, I’m Nonie, The Founder of AMotherBrand.

I believe that mothers should be able to be whole people – we should be able to be the present mothers we want to be, (without ever feeling like we should apologise for it) and we should also be able to do work we really love, that works for us and our lives.

My pre-children career was in making TV documentaries, it was great in many ways, but not family-friendly. When I decided to try for a family, I didn’t want to work and not see my babies, or not work. So, I thought I’d find *a third way* by setting up a business I loved that worked around my family.

AMotherBrand was born out of failing to launch my first business idea!

My first attempt at launching a business was not fun. I had a Masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship but when it came down to it, this didn’t help me with the things that counted most.

Trying to develop this 1st business, pregnant & then at home with my new baby, I’d found myself lonely, out of my depth and frequently overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to go for the information I needed or who to turn to. I longed for a like-minded co-founder but barely knew more than a handful of new mothers, let alone any who wanted to set up a business with me.

What I really needed was a like-minded network. I needed some friends who ‘got it.’ I needed a community with whom I could share what I was doing, who would inspire me, bolster me when I was experiencing challenges and cheer me on when things were going well. Women I could connect with and possibly co-found or collaborate with.

I needed guidance to cut through the overwhelm and someone to hold my hand and show me what I needed to learn at each stage.

I needed guidance about business planning that I understood, an understanding of time-management and I desperately needed mindset coaching!

So I created AMotherBrand. For me and for you.