5 Ways to Do More, In Less Time

5 Ways To Do More, In Less Time

With the summer holidays upon us, it’s so easy to feel quickly overwhelmed with the lack of time – or space – or quiet – we have to get work done.

So for today, I’m taking the wise counsel of Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, (d. 1773) and making sure I use my time as effectively as possible.

The Earl of Chesterfield wrote letters of advice to his illegitimate son for thirty years, from 1737 until his death in 1768. The story goes that at one point he was worried that his son was wasting his time and so he advised him:

‘I recommend to you to take care of the minutes; for hours will take care of themselves.

I am very sure, that many people lose two or three hours every day, by not taking care of the minutes.

Never think any portion of time whatsoever too short to be employed; something or other may always be done in it.’

Here are 5 ways to do more in less time:

⭐︎ Plan the night before.

Assess possible work windows and plan tasks to achieve during those times the night before. Time block – allocate certain tasks to certain times and don’t deviate!

⭐︎ Stop multi-tasking.

When you focus on lots of things at once, none of them get done well. Pick one thing and give it your complete focus in order to be more effective and efficient.

⭐︎ Make the clock your friend.

An easy-to-read clock that is near your desk can help keep you on schedule.

⭐︎ Put the blinders on.

Chats, instant messages, texts, calls, social media etc all take a massive toll on your productivity. When you really need to get things done, ignore them – turn your phone off, shut down everything but the essentials and crack on until your task is complete.

⭐︎ Schedule specific times a day to check your emails.

I’m rubbish at this but it’s SUCH a good idea – It’s all too easy to feel like you’re at the mercy of your inbox, but take charge and shut it down until it suits you to check it.

What are your top tips for getting work done in small windows of opportunity?

Let me know in the comments below 👇💕