AMotherBrand’s mission is to help more mothers build
successful businesses that work around their families
& thrive.
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There’s a movement of mothers refusing to choose
between fulfilling work and their family.
Women who create work they love, that works for them.
Women who dream big.
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What is AMotherBrand

AMotherBrand exists to help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs who are mothers have the best of both worlds.

We help you build a successful business that works around your family

AND allows you to thrive.

With a supportive like-minded community & a step-by-step success path,
we empower you to create the life you want to lead.

Want to know how to build a business around your family & thrive?

In this free guide, 12 of the UK’s top female entrepreneurs share their top strategies and tactics for building a business around your family and thriving in the process.


Connect & Collaborate

Connect with like-minded mamas.

Join a supportive community where you can be your whole self, with others who just get it.

Looking for a co-founder/business partner, collaborators or someone to co-work alongside locally?

Explore The Members’ Directory and discover new connections through location, interests and skills. Build ideas, collaborations and new businesses together.


Get Support

We’re building a support system specifically to help mothers create successful businesses that work for them.

We help you get really clear on where you are on your business journey now, where you want to go and what you need to do next in order to get there.

Whether it’s Masterclasses, mini-classes, interviews or members supporting members in the forum, we aim to be the go-to space for reliable, targeted support from people who understand.


Succeed & Thrive

Building a successful business is never just about business.

We want to empower more women to thrive – as women, as mothers and through earning fantastic money doing work they love, that really works for them.

For us, self-development and self-care are just as important as business development.

Be part of a digital and IRL network where members support each other to grow and thrive, professionally and personally.

AMotherBrand was created by Nonie M C White, who tried – and failed – to start up her own business when she became a mother.

Nonie later realised she’d have stood a better chance of succeeding if she’d had access to targeted training, been part of a like-minded network and teamed up with a co-founder with complementary skills.

She couldn’t work out where to find any of this, so for her second business, she built AMotherBrand.

Nonie White Founder AMotherBrand

AMotherBrand Blog

What Founding Members say

'I've really enjoyed and gotten so much useful and actionable information from AMotherBrand's webinars. They are thoughtfully curated guest speakers whose businesses really align with current issues, both globally and personally. It's been a joy to tune in and learn from such a variety of business minds. Thanks Nonie for taking the time and care to organise.'

Ruth Perrin, Creative Agency of One

My Other Life

'What I love about AMB is that it feels so personal for women with small businesses, not only teaching us relevant business skills but how to balance work with motherhood and finding time for wellbeing too. It feels more nurturing than a lot of the bigger platforms.
You’re also part of a group of supportive, likeminded mums in business who all want to share expertise and help guide each other. It’s a very positive space I’m lucky to be part of.'

Lucy Parley, Founder, My Other Life

Founding Member Kin & Castle

'So I’ve just launched my first ever insta ad campaign! Just wanted to say that Lynda’s AMotherBrand webinar was so helpful – I literally followed it step by step and it really helped me understand what was going on. This time last year I ran some ads for my then haberdashery biz – didn’t have a clue what I was doing and just freaked out I was spending money I didn’t kkow how to stop and didn’t see any results. Thanks for arranging Nonie!'

Libby Dimaloe, Founder, Kin & Castle

Founding Member Contented Company

'I went along to AMotherBrand meet-up recently and it was fantastic. I met a whole range of mums, all with businesses at different stages, and with different skill sets. Everyone was in ‘reach’ of each other in terms of their business development stage so everything that everyone discussed felt relevant to each other. I loved hearing about everyone’s experiences and hints and tips. I came away feeling inspired and motivated and with a great set of new people in my network. Thanks Nonie.'

Elena Cimelli, Founder, The Contented Company